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How to see all the chapters of the serie

Here I left you a tutorial to how to see all the chapters of the serie.
Website: http://www.rtve.es/television/aguila-roja/Enjoy it

The film

In April 2011, will be released at all the cinemas, the first film Águila Roja, here you have the trailer for the film, and we ,personally, invite you to you to see it.

Personal opinion

We think this television serie is very funny because it has action, has moments of intrigue, some moments of love…
This made the programme be very interesting and the people are adicted to see this serie. It is a tv serie for all publics, it can be watched for all the ages, if you are children or adult there aren't any problem. This TV serie shows what a man can do for revenge the death of his wife. We think it's a series that teaches you the things in life teaches you to become a better person because protagonsita is a good person who helps people who need it. By: Lluís and Enric Merlos. We are always nervious, because we are waiting to see Aguila Roja. We recomend you to take a juice or a glass of milk and take something to eat, and with food and drink you will enjoy better your Aguila Roja sesion. Each chapter has a duration of 1 hour and a quarter but you won't  be  bored because there is a hour plenty of action, plenty of love and plenty of fun.
We recomend you to switch on the TV and see this fabulous TV serie.

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First season: Gonzalo Montalvo becomes "Aguila Roja" to discover who killed his wife and avenge his death, which involves disrupting plots against the crown of the Habsburgs by a secret society to which they belong Hernán "The commissioner "and the Marquise de Santillana, Lucrecia.
Second season: He is always trying to clarify the puzzle of his mysterious past. This season he discovers that his brother's Commissioner and Commissioner killed his wife, and a lot of problems with the inquisicion surge in the different chapters.
Third season: "Aguila Roja" will continue his investigations to determine his origins. The commissioner is married with Irene, only the spectators knows she is the sister of Hernán and Gonzalo and therefore she has married with his brother. While the Marquise will risk their lives and their maids. This season shows the human side of Lucrecia and Hernán.


Gonzalo de Montalvo: Alonso's father, Hérnan and Irene's brother. It is a school teacher during the day and a hero called "Aguila Roja" at night. He went to the Orient ,where he learned the fighting skills he has, is guided by a mysterious monk named Augustine. The objective as "Aguila Roja" is avenge his wife Cristina, murdered by a strange secret society that wants to kill the King, his objective as Gonzalo is taking care of his son Alonso his family and friends.

Saturno Garcia : The Aguila Roja's faithful servant and the father of Gabi. He met Gonzalo when Gonzalo saved him. Join him in his travels as a equalizer. He love Estuarda. It was adopted by a family of Moors.

Catalina: She is Floro's wife, Murillo's mother and the Marquise's maid. She thinks that Floro has gone to the Americas. She is in love of Cipriano.

Margarita Hernando: Gonzalo's sister in law, Alonso's aunt , Cristina's sister. She was engaged to Gonzalo in the past, but an alleged infidelity with a known noble, twisted their compromise. Now back in the village is engaged to Juan de Calatrava.

Lucrecia: She is a noble widow of the Marquis of Santillana from who she inherited his fortune. Has a son, Nuño. She is a childhood friend of Margarita and Catalina, as in the past she was a plebeian and lived in the Villa. She is Hernán's lover, but she loves Gonzalo.

Cipriano: Innkeeper, Ines' husband and adoptive father of Matilda. Inés and Matilda have abandoned him. He is in love of Catalina.

Juan de Calatrava: Doctor of the Villa and Margarita's fiance. Duke of Velasco and Fonseca. Now he doesn't know if he has to marry with Eugenia or Margarita.

Alonso: Gonzalo and Cristina's son and Margarita's nephew. Is a restless child who admires "Aguila Roja", but he doesn't know that "Aguila Roja" is his father.

Hernan Mejías: Is the commissioner of the Villa and lover of Lucrecia. His most important objective is satisfy the designs of the mysterious secret society and eliminate "Aguila Roja". Is Nuño's father and Gonzalo and Irene's brother.

Agustin: Monk at the service of King and ally of the "Aguila Roja". Dies crucified by Cardinal Mendoza.

Cardinal Mendoza: Cardinal , and Irene's adopted uncle. Ambitious and manipulative character, whose main objective is to become pope. He also adopted Inés, which enters at his service.

Irene: Cardinal Mendoza' s niece, Gonzalo and Hernán's sister.Was collected by Cardinal Mendoza in the orphanage as a baby. She is married to Hernán, but she doesn't know who is his brother.

Águila Roja Soundtrack

Aguila Roja introduction

Aguila Roja is a television serie, which start of Spain in the s. XVII, produced by Globomedia Television, which was released on 19 February 2009. His first season began on May 21, 2009 with a budget of almost 30 a little time this TV serie was. In the most watched. The second season began airing on January 7, 2010 with a novelty: the chapters are presented without commercial cuts, like the rest of programming on the network. This season ended on April 8, 2010 breaking box office records with nearly 6 million viewers. Red Eagle is the story of Spain's most expensive series with a budget of around one million euros. In his two years has been the issue most watched television series in Spain, and these great ratings since it has promoted the preparation of his 2011 film. The third season debuted on 23 September 2010, when Gonzalo was to solve the mysteries that reflect its origins. On 4 November 2010 was issued last chapter sprayed his record audience.